Monday, March 7, 2016

Mexico City - Week #80

hey everyone!

this week we saw some more sketchy stuff but i think i will wait till i get home to tell you all lol. we had zone conference. the mission doc came and talked to us about the 10 commandments of health. a couple were, drink on filtered water. nothing out of tap, have a clean house, eat a balanced diet etc. we also learned how the Spirit works in conversion. five things we can do to let the Spirit work on the people we teach is 1. be worthy 2. prepare as best as possible 3. listen and observe 4. invite them to action 5. help them to recognize the Spirits testimony of everything we teach. pretty cool and we will actually be talking more about it tonight in the zone meeting.
today we went to take pouch to the offices and then to walmart. first time ive been to walmart here in mexico and i totally regret no going sooner cuz i found my favorite cereal! WAFFLE CRISP! i bought a coulpe boxes lol. also found goldfish and teeth whitening listerine. all good stuff. 
as of right now we have about 4 people with fechas for baptism and a couple possibles. its looking really good for these people. they are going to church which means they are progressing so we are excited about that. our mission pres didnt go to zone conference cuz hes been sick with some nasty flu bug this last week. i think hes just about over it though. we did some divisions with other elderes this week. thats all i can think of right now. i love you have a great one! xoxo

Elder Anderson