Monday, March 23, 2015

Mexico City - Week #31

Hey all,

well this last week has been good although it started of a lil rough. so we were at the misión offices all day last pday,spent the night and went to the changes from there in the morning the next day. so they had me on some drugs for inflammation and pain for my toe so when we got into the van to go to the changes meeting it got me really sick.. i thought i could make it until the Ward parking lot and i was right.. but not entirely.. right as we opened up the door to get out of the comve, i jumped out first and upchucked right there my the side of the car. it was bad and embarrising. not to mention, president mentioned it when he called my name for changes in front of everyone. so everyone knows me as the kid who upchucked in the misión lol.
my new comp is Elder C. hes from peru. he actually came in my "generation". so he has like 1 month less than me because he didnt need to spend time in the CCM learning the language. hes a good kid. we havent had any problems so far. and it makes such a change when you get a different comp. its like a different world.. im excited for this cycle.
as for my toe right now, its still bad. i think there is still a peice in it under the skin cus the inflammation wont go down and hurts. neither of which should be happening a week and a half after the operation. pres. knows and told Smith and i to take it easy for the next couple of days. smiths also isnt better so at least im not the only one.
thats about it for the week that i can remember right now. love you all  and hope to talk to you son! xoxo

Elder Anderson

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mexico City - Week #30

hello all,

this last week was pretty great. and not only because i spent half of it at president´s house but, also because of a couple other things. the first thing being that we baptized G. we had her baptism in the morning on friday and then left for the president´s house for the rest of the weekend after that with elder smith. so, that same day, friday, we had both of our nails cut up and dug out. then, had our toes burned up a bit to stop the bleeding. had anesthesia shots put into um before hand though. but, ive had so many operations by now, the anesthesia wasnt working all that well. they ended up giving me more shots then i could count. but the good news is that the lady who worked on my toe is a heart surgeon. she actual just did our toes and a lot of other peoples smaller issues on the side to help a little more. she was awesome. the bad news is that gracias a mis padres, i have a genetic problem with all of my nails and i have to return in 1 month or so to get my left big toenail taken care of. how exciting! hopefully i will get to stay in presidents house again though. that will make it worth it lol. 
we also caught a baby mouse in the street too this week. we made a lil aquarium thing out of coke bottles and named it marvin henrry dent. it died 2 days later but it was a fun pet. my companion is getting changes which means i will be staying in the same area again. im excited for it. new comp, same area. good stuff. so we are here in the mission offices and have been all day. so thats why its been a lil later since ive emailed. but anyways, highlight of the day was when elder v. gave me a sick whitetail buck picture. i shall take a picture of it and send it for all of you guys to see. your welcome. and sorry if none of this makes sense but dont really feel like expounding on everything. so if anyone has any questions about what i just sent you. send um to me for the next couple minutes while im on. love yall! xoxoxo

Elder C$

Mexico City - Week #29

hey all,

good week thisweek. sorry the spacebar doesnt work goodand i dont have question mark on this computer. but was a good week and our 2 investigadors came to church so they are going tobe baptized this saturday. imsuper happy for e. and g. we are working on finding news right now and hitting it pretty hard. its veryhard to think past the investigadors you have at the moment when you really need to because after theirbaptisms there needs to be more. but we found 5 news last week and thegoal is 6 for this week. i hope we canget a couople new progressing out of these 2 weeks. 
had a pretty cool experience with one of they those news named c. he is an antiguo investigador who we are tryingtostart teaching again and hes kinda a big drugee. sowecame up to his house and it was him and his buddies smoking weed with a couple pitbulls and a lab-mut thing infront ofum. i guess wecame up too fast and the dogsgot upand started to charge us. we just backed up like normal and some other people calmed um down. so we went into hishouse and all the way up to the roof to teach tohim. turns out he knows fluent english because he lived in the united states up until he was like 19 then went back to mexico for something and tried to get back in via AZ bordertunnels and was caught. spent 6 months in federal prison where he found God. after that he got deported back here and is not allowed to enter legally until 10 years from now. anyways we got caught upwith some gangs in the states and came back here and someof those same people foundhim here so now hes a big drugee. just drugging every day. he really wants to change but is having trouble with the addictions. we spent 2 hours having an intervention with him about the palabra de sabiduria. hes a really chill kid butit was so weird talking to him inenglish. cool though. we got him committed to come to church this last week but he was gone when he passed for him. we will keep working with him.
i got a package from the lake pleasant mia maids this week. it was very nice of them, can you tell the president thanks mom. also a letters from Kim and Kylee. muchas gracias. its the best to get letters. 
thats about it for the week. love you all and have a great week! xoxox

Elder Anderson 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mexico City - Week #28


hope all is well for everyone of ya. this last week was ok. i had to go to the doc again to get my ingrown nail taken out. that was terrible as usual. definitely the worst part about the misión.
unfortunately, none of our investigators came to church this week so 3 baptismal dates fell. had 6 different investigators compremitidos for the church but not 1 showed up. thats the only problema with the people here. its super hard for them to get to church. the goal is to get 2 baptisms before the changes, now. we should be able to get it done.
went to the top of a mountain close to my área today for a morning hike. was very fun. there was about 10 of us elders.
i went on splits with my district leader this week. it was great. his name is Elder z. from equador and he is a convert to the church from 4 years ago. and he is the best teacher ive ever seen teach about the Gospel. he knows the scriptures so well and i learned a bunch from him. it was a cool experience.
i hope you all have a good upcoming week! love you always! xoxo

Elder Corson D. Anderson 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mexico City - Week #27

hey yall,

im doing well. dont worry. and from what ive read you are all doing well aswell. this last week was a great week. mostly because the 2 people who have fechas for baptism came to church. thats a huge deal! the comps good and all. i do have some bad news.. soo my engrown toenail came back which means i need to get another operation.. im bummed. i think this time im gonna ask them to kill the root just on the very side so it cant grow into the skin anymore because no matter what we do, it just comes back.. so annoying.
for p-day today, we went to the temple to meet up with a next door neighbor of my comp. an old White man who is the lead painter inside the temple. he invited us to lunch at a lil mexican almuerzo shack on the same block as the temple lol. its cuz he doesnt really leave the temple block much because we doesnt know any spanish. had to help him order and what not lol. it was a really weird experience though. just having a normal life conversation in ingles was really weird. felt kinda awkward. but it was way cool! so yeah, other than that, we just played basketball in the morning.
thats really all i got for the week. i love you all and until next week, adiós! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #26

Happy valentines Week everyone!  so, i hope you all had a good valentines day. the latinos here go crayz when valentines day comes around. everybody was out walking the streets friday and saturday night with all of their teddy bears ballons hearts and what not. as a matter of fact, a couple of buzzed teenaged girls wanted to be me and my comps valentines lol. they offered us a couple of heart shaped balloons. we declined, respectfully lol.

this last week wasnt too crazy. pretty normal. we took one of our investigators to the temples visitors center. her name is g. and she loved it. she said she felt so much better about things after she went. as a matter of fact, she insisted to me yesterday at church that we should go again so i told her to celebrate her baptism, we would go haha. shes progressing very well. we are going to try to get a couple other to start progressing this week as well. the work is no easy thing. thats for sure. it involves too much free agency lol. it would be nice to tell them they were all just going to church and thats the end of it but unfortuantely we have to be nice. its a slow process, nonetheless.
my comp had his birthday on the 10th. we threw him a lil surprise party at night. it was fun. its going good with him. sometimes are tougher than others. he has a way different personality than me lol. but all is well.
thats about it for this week. thanks for all fam! i love you guys and hope you have a great week! xoxox

Elder Anderson