Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mexico City - Week #30

hello all,

this last week was pretty great. and not only because i spent half of it at president´s house but, also because of a couple other things. the first thing being that we baptized G. we had her baptism in the morning on friday and then left for the president´s house for the rest of the weekend after that with elder smith. so, that same day, friday, we had both of our nails cut up and dug out. then, had our toes burned up a bit to stop the bleeding. had anesthesia shots put into um before hand though. but, ive had so many operations by now, the anesthesia wasnt working all that well. they ended up giving me more shots then i could count. but the good news is that the lady who worked on my toe is a heart surgeon. she actual just did our toes and a lot of other peoples smaller issues on the side to help a little more. she was awesome. the bad news is that gracias a mis padres, i have a genetic problem with all of my nails and i have to return in 1 month or so to get my left big toenail taken care of. how exciting! hopefully i will get to stay in presidents house again though. that will make it worth it lol. 
we also caught a baby mouse in the street too this week. we made a lil aquarium thing out of coke bottles and named it marvin henrry dent. it died 2 days later but it was a fun pet. my companion is getting changes which means i will be staying in the same area again. im excited for it. new comp, same area. good stuff. so we are here in the mission offices and have been all day. so thats why its been a lil later since ive emailed. but anyways, highlight of the day was when elder v. gave me a sick whitetail buck picture. i shall take a picture of it and send it for all of you guys to see. your welcome. and sorry if none of this makes sense but dont really feel like expounding on everything. so if anyone has any questions about what i just sent you. send um to me for the next couple minutes while im on. love yall! xoxoxo

Elder C$

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