Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mexico City - Week #13

hola familia,

hows it going for you all? probably great. thats great. so this week, i went back to the doctor for my stupid toe for the 3rd operation in the mission. oh what a waste of time it was to go before the mission mama. rememeber how we thought it would be all better just in time for my mission?? HA. its okay though really, because i think im actually starting to enjoy the huge needles they use everytime i go. they are starting to tickle me ;P so yeah, in operation number 2 the doctor cut the edge of the nail all the way down but only took half of it out. so the skin actually grew around the nail again to make it more infected then the last times lol. gotta love the doctors here.

so i didnt get as many lessons accomplished as i wanted to this week because of my toe but we went to the stake center for stake conference sunday and a part member family showed up from our area. they have a set of twins age 11 that need to be taught the lessons in order to be baptized. super awesome and a huge blessing! also, for stake conference, Elder Andersen of the quorum of the 12 was broadcasted speaking in spanish. as well as some other people from the the quroum of the 70s but it was super weird listening to Elder Anderson give his in spanish! apparently he has a french accent because he also knows french as his second language and portugese as his 3rd with spanish as his last. super talented man and i learned a lot from his talk.

nothing much more happened this last week. a lot of studying because i had to stay home for my toe. we did go to the church this morning and play some ultimate frisbee and basketball. that was a lot of fun. and i believe im about to eat some arroz y leche ahorita. woot woot. thanks so much family for the Christmas package! i cant wait to open it on dec 24th! also, thanks for the letters from ashley, allison, and you, kim! they were great to read and you should have the return mail in a month or so (hopefully) 

thanks so much for all the love and support! i love you all so much! hasta el proximo lunes!

Elder Anderson

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mexico City - Week #12

yo all,

this past week was pretty cool. like the rest of um i guess haha. lots of interesting stuff to tell y`all.

so last week, the day after p-day, we went back to the doctor for my toe again. i got another ingrown toenail on the same side of the same exact toe i had it on before the mission. went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago to get it taken care of so they gave me 4 shots of anethesia and plucked out part. well, it got infected the following week because the docter didnt get it all out so we had to go again last week. so, this was how that experience went.. went to cami hospital which is only about a 45 minute metro ride from my area. the only thing was, was that there were tons of people and traffic and we got their a half hour late. we were supposed to be the second to last apt. for the doctor that day and come to find out her last appointment was another missionary companionship in our mission. my compa knew them and their names were actually elder anderson and elder t. the even more ironic thing is that elder anderson was there with the same problem i had, ingrown toenail.. anyways, the doctor wouldnt even look at my foot because i think she just wanted to go home so we came all the way there for nothing. another part of the story is that we had no cell phone. (ours is in the office getting exchanged for a better one) so this is the same hospital that i already had the operation at and it didnt work and now they wouldnt even look at it until a week later. both my companion and i were fed up with it all and decided to use the other missionaries` phone to call a different hospital because i just wanted to be done with the surgery already. this was the mistake lol.
the hospital was in the north side of the city which meant another hour and a half commute via metro so we started off for it at around 6 and got there at 730. no big deal right? ha.. we got there and filled out all the paper work and sat in the waiting room for a while until they called my name at around 8. i got done with the operation at 815 or so and yes it hurt a lot haha (i have pics) well we thought we could just leave after that but the person at the desk with my paper work informed us that she needed us to wait until the letter came from the ... insurance security company came, clearing us from having to pay for it out of pocket. so we were like, ``ok no big deal. we will just wait a lil bit and then get home a lil bit past 930. right?`` well the security company didnt get the letter sent until after 10:00pm! thats a half hour after we are supposed to be in our house.. so here we are, in the very north part of mexico city without a phone and its already 10. we also dont have the office or the presidents number with us and i can walk, but super slow. so we left for home after saying a prayer in the parking lot of the hospital of course. we got home at 12:30am that night but our prayer was answered beause there was not a scratch on either of us after walking the streets of mexico city at 11 at night. super super sketchy but Heavenly Father came through for us once again! wanna hear something even crazier? my toe is still infected so we are going to have to go again lol. so yeah that was the highlight of my week.
other news is that i have another cycle with my companion so 6 more weeks with him. im pretty excited and we are gonna work hard trying to find new investigators because none of ours are progressing right now. i also hit the 4 month mark yesterday so that was cool :) my honduran companion gave me a US one dollar bill and showed me that `THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA`` is 24 letters so i have been coloring in one letter every month haha pretty cool.
thats about it for the week. i have more pics from the center and some of my operation for you guys as well. i hope the story made sense lol im scatter brains when i email. anyways, love you guys like always and talk to ya next week!!

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #11

i am super glad the packages are coming! (Christmas package from us to Corson) i cannot wait!! i actually got a letter with some stuff im gonna send for christmas eve. you are NOT ALOUD TO OPEN IT TILL CHRISTMAS EVE. if you actually get it that is.. lol i dont have much time left but we went to the center of mexico city today. absolutely amazing but i wasnt sure if i liked it or disliked it more cuz it made me feel like a normal person again or like a tourist. just felt weird.. i like the title elder and all that you get with it haha. we met some business men from gilbert and mesa who work in scottsdale and they invited us for lunch and are hopefully gonna  call us to go wednesday. they are both mormons and served missions. we met um in the center and if i end up seeing them again, i will give him my letter for you guys and you guys can just pick it up at hit house next week sometime. how cool is that?? anyways, had a lot of good memories made the last couple weeks and we are still workin hard! i will send some pics of the center and also of a lil kid who reminds me of bren bren. love you guys and i wont be able to send a general this week cuz of the time. have a great week.

Elder Anderson

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mexico City - Week #10

well this week was pretty awesome like the other weeks but i dont have any ... time to write about it.. all i want you guys to do is to watch this talk by Bruce R. Mckonkie called the the seven deadly heracies on youtube. 

the best talk ive ever heard in my life! and this talk is better than my entire last week or possibly even my entire mission so please watch it with the family and really listen.. you wont regret it, i promise.

i love you all and thanks for everything you have down for me! peace out!

Elder Anderson