Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mexico City - Week #11

i am super glad the packages are coming! (Christmas package from us to Corson) i cannot wait!! i actually got a letter with some stuff im gonna send for christmas eve. you are NOT ALOUD TO OPEN IT TILL CHRISTMAS EVE. if you actually get it that is.. lol i dont have much time left but we went to the center of mexico city today. absolutely amazing but i wasnt sure if i liked it or disliked it more cuz it made me feel like a normal person again or like a tourist. just felt weird.. i like the title elder and all that you get with it haha. we met some business men from gilbert and mesa who work in scottsdale and they invited us for lunch and are hopefully gonna  call us to go wednesday. they are both mormons and served missions. we met um in the center and if i end up seeing them again, i will give him my letter for you guys and you guys can just pick it up at hit house next week sometime. how cool is that?? anyways, had a lot of good memories made the last couple weeks and we are still workin hard! i will send some pics of the center and also of a lil kid who reminds me of bren bren. love you guys and i wont be able to send a general this week cuz of the time. have a great week.

Elder Anderson

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