Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mexico City - Week #17

hey all,

this last week went very well. the highlight being the baptisms of the two twin boys, C. and C. and their confirmations. i baptized C. and confirmed C.. so i gave my very first blessing this last sunday and itwas in spanish lol. it was very cool because i really saw the power of the Holy Ghost. (wow, its really weird to see the words Holy Ghost lol siempre el espiritu santo.) but it was a really cool experience that i will never forget! 
we have decorated our house for the most part. i have pics i will send of it. we have a real tree! i am with my companero for another 7 weeks. i have mixed feelings about it because i love him but at the same time, i could use a change lol. he feels the same way but we are gonna kick it out for another 7! thats about it for the week folks lol not much but yeah.. i hope you all have a good week and thanks for taking the time to read and respond to kylee and me. i know it gets kinda hard sometimes when things build up. i love you all very much. hasta el proximo p-day! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #16

hola from mexico,

i hope you are doing well! thanks for the emails! this last week was great. the highlight was definitely the christmas devotional. had to watch it in spanish but it was ok cuz i understood the main points of every talk. i loved it when we got to sing silent night because only us gringo elders were singing because the latinos didnt know how to read the english lol.
had tacos al pastor. soo good.. they are my favorite food in mexico right now.. i cant really think of anything else that happened this week so yeah.. oh we went on divisiones with the ZLs. my comp went to their area and i stayed in mine. that meant i was senior comp for the day. it was super nice to see how much i knew my area. was able to get us from apt to apt without a problem. it was weird to be with somebody other then o. but cool too. yup so thats it. i love you all! have a fantastic week!

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #15

24 days till Christmas! i had a great week this last week. went to KFC instead of Pizza Hut for Thanksgiving. it obviously felt nothing like Thanksgiving but to be honest i was, just living in the my thoughts that night anyways. thinking of the wonderful thanksgiving dinner, watching NFL football, and then the best part, black friday shopping afterwards. i was picturing you guys fighting with other people over some scooters or bed sheets or such lol. good stuff.

so we had a baptism on saturday! it was A.! remember her? she was the one wedded to my first baptism, D. she ended up backing out on the same day d. got baptized so we backed off teaching her for a while until she came last week to church. she told us she wanted to be baptized now so we taught here all the lessons rapidly this last week and yup, shes member now! the reason she wanted to get baptized was that she went one night to read the Book of Mormon and the baby who she is 3 months pregnant with, started kicking and kicked the whole time she read it. she said it was trying to tell her to get baptized so we thought that was pretty neat. the twins and their family have been attending church. so their baptismal date for the 13th is still lookin good. they are an awesome family!

went to a mall today for p´day and found a bunch of other missionaries their from our misiĆ³n. we all went to chilis and i had actual buffalo hotwings here for the first time. they were so good to have. like Candy.. also, the mall was just like the ones in the US and for a moment, i felt like i was home again. had a good p-day and a good week. love and miss you all!

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #14

hey yall

this past week has been great. have been able to find some new investigators and have been able to work a lot. before the mission, i used to wonder how i would ever be able to work as much as a missionary does but i have come to find out that you want to work because it gives you less time to think about the things you miss and also makes the time go soo much faster. its good stuff.

so we had a meeting with an elder of 1st quorum of the 70s! Elder paul b. piper! its was so awesome! he knows so much more than i can even comprehend! and i was sitting in the front row and he sat right next to me. i ... also know the pass to his ipad. ... in case your wondering lol. and after the meeting 10 elders out of the 2 zones there got to have interviews with him. guess who 1 of the 10 was? MEEEE! i had an interview with a member of the 1st quorum of the 70! i will tell you the questions and answers i had next week cus i dont have time this week. but he said to tell you, dad, that you are a super strong man to be the first one to turn things around in your family. he commends you a lot. it was such an amazing experience to talk to that man one on one and i dont know if i will ever have another experience like that again.. i sure hope so.. 

thats about it for the week. love yall and hope you have a great thanksgiving and black friday. peace

Elder Anderson