Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mexico City - Week #14

hey yall

this past week has been great. have been able to find some new investigators and have been able to work a lot. before the mission, i used to wonder how i would ever be able to work as much as a missionary does but i have come to find out that you want to work because it gives you less time to think about the things you miss and also makes the time go soo much faster. its good stuff.

so we had a meeting with an elder of 1st quorum of the 70s! Elder paul b. piper! its was so awesome! he knows so much more than i can even comprehend! and i was sitting in the front row and he sat right next to me. i ... also know the pass to his ipad. ... in case your wondering lol. and after the meeting 10 elders out of the 2 zones there got to have interviews with him. guess who 1 of the 10 was? MEEEE! i had an interview with a member of the 1st quorum of the 70! i will tell you the questions and answers i had next week cus i dont have time this week. but he said to tell you, dad, that you are a super strong man to be the first one to turn things around in your family. he commends you a lot. it was such an amazing experience to talk to that man one on one and i dont know if i will ever have another experience like that again.. i sure hope so.. 

thats about it for the week. love yall and hope you have a great thanksgiving and black friday. peace

Elder Anderson

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