Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mexico City - Week #15

24 days till Christmas! i had a great week this last week. went to KFC instead of Pizza Hut for Thanksgiving. it obviously felt nothing like Thanksgiving but to be honest i was, just living in the my thoughts that night anyways. thinking of the wonderful thanksgiving dinner, watching NFL football, and then the best part, black friday shopping afterwards. i was picturing you guys fighting with other people over some scooters or bed sheets or such lol. good stuff.

so we had a baptism on saturday! it was A.! remember her? she was the one wedded to my first baptism, D. she ended up backing out on the same day d. got baptized so we backed off teaching her for a while until she came last week to church. she told us she wanted to be baptized now so we taught here all the lessons rapidly this last week and yup, shes member now! the reason she wanted to get baptized was that she went one night to read the Book of Mormon and the baby who she is 3 months pregnant with, started kicking and kicked the whole time she read it. she said it was trying to tell her to get baptized so we thought that was pretty neat. the twins and their family have been attending church. so their baptismal date for the 13th is still lookin good. they are an awesome family!

went to a mall today for p´day and found a bunch of other missionaries their from our misiĆ³n. we all went to chilis and i had actual buffalo hotwings here for the first time. they were so good to have. like Candy.. also, the mall was just like the ones in the US and for a moment, i felt like i was home again. had a good p-day and a good week. love and miss you all!

Elder Anderson

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