Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mexico City - Week #87

hey everyone,

today's is smaller since its only been 3 days since i last emailed you. i had the chance to baptize lizbeth on sunday. it was great. we have plans to baptize agustina this week. she's a lady we have been teaching since ive been here. we went to play some pool and air hockey today at the plaza. its basically a mall. we ate pizza hut afterwards. thats about it lol. have a good one!

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #86

hey all,

this week has been crazy cool. the work is going great right now.. the bishop just got released in our ward sunday and a new one was called. we had a baptism on wednesday night that went really well. we baptized an eterno investigador. she had 2 years with the missionaries. she actually just called us one day and was like elderes, i want to be baptized.. what do i do? that has never happened to me my entire mission so you can only imagine how incredible it felt. we will be heading to los reyes, one of my past areas to baptize a girl that a i found with my (trainee), rodriguez. her name is liz. im sure you will remember her once i send pics in a couple days. we found an escogido the other day too and put a fecha with him the first time we talked to him. hopefully he goes to church sunday. we have a few more baptisms planned for these next couple of weeks too. the Lord has been blessing us so much, its amazing. we are super happy to be where we are right now. this is the happy ever after ending to the mission i was hoping for. we went to the temple to do a session today to top everything off. good stuff! anyways, i love you all! have a great week! thanks for the support!

Elder Anderson

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mexico City - Week #85

hey all, i hope you are all doing good.. its hard to think ive written almost 100 of these emails so far considering how much a dont like writing them. it feels like im writing in my journal a second time every week lol. only about 10 left after this one though. my comp and i are still having a blast. we had 2 baptisms saturday. it want well. one of my old investigadores from los reyes also contacted me and it ends up she got permission from her mom to get baptized. she asked me to baptize her on the 24th of this month. that will be exciting. we also have a baptism planned for this saturday in our area. we will be heading to the temple this next week i believe so my pday will change. but yeah thats about it.. love you guys! have a good week! Elder Anderson

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mexico City - Week #84

hey all! this week was absolutely great. im super happy to be with my bro elder Hernandez-Garcia now. we llevarnos so good. it was really weird this last week cuz i felt like it went soo slow but i wanted it to go even slower cuz i was having such a good time. im in the golden times of my mission right now and im happy as can be. we had a great conference. we got to watch it in ingles in the stake secratarys office. like the rest of you, i loved elder Hollands talk. it help me a lot. its nice to have lideres who support us as much as ours do huh? i got to baptize saira this thursday it went very good. we will be headed back this month to baptize her brother too. we have a couple baptisms planned for this month in our own area as well. we have a lot of good work that needs doing here so im excited to have something to always keep me occupied. we found a buffalo wild wings that reciently opened her in mx city. we went today. just as good as i remember. the hottest flavor isnt as hot as i remember being lol. ive adjusted. anyways, thanks for reading and all the support! love you guys! xoxo Elder Anderson

Friday, April 1, 2016

Mexico City - Week #83

hey all, well i dont have much time and this computer im on is really slow but i just wanted to let you all know that i have changes. i am leaving the perla and going to pantitlan. i will be with one of my old comps, Hernandez-Garcia. he is actually like my favorite comp so its going to be amazing to work with him again. a lot of my converts like omar and laura and their families live in my new zone too which means i will be able to visit them whenever i want. H-G and i have already talked and we are super excited about these next cycles. im ready to close out my last 12 weeks in the mission. feels crazy but great. elder ostler and i are going to come back to this area to baptize gael and his sister, saira on jueves. i will probably baptize saira and my comp, gael. they are super great chamacos and im super happy to know them. they have been going to the activities of the jovenes and get along with all of them. saira already told us she wants to serve a mission too. their mom is super cool with us but isnt ready yet haha. she actually bought us pizza today cuz we are leaving. we also took some families from clases de ingles to the temple visitors center on saturday. that was a great success. i started having people write in my journal for me and im planning on taking it to areas when i say my final goodbye to people. then im going to read everything they wrote on the plane ride back to keep me occupied and to keep my eyes nice and moist if you know what i mean.. im super excited for general conference as well. i challenge you all to take specific questions, to listen, and watch how Heavenly Father will answer every last one. He is cool like that😉. anyways, i hope everyone has a great time this week in whatever they are going to do! i love you all! have a good one! xoxo Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #82

hey all, this week was good and bad.. good because we found some new investigadores from clases de ingles and they have fechas. bad because a couple of other investigadores stopped progressing and dont want anythig to do with us or the church anymore.. not sure why but there is nothin we can do. this doesnt hapen very oftenof course but when it does, it like dagger to the heart. i guess they just arent ready yet. hopefully the missionaries will go with them later. so yeah, baptisms that were scheduled for this upcoming cycle are postponed which is pretty sad and disheartening. the good news is, is that all the investigadores we have right now, are looking like very good aspects for baptism. this is the last week of this cycle.. then i new cycle. the secon to last actually. we were asked to give talks in church yesterday. i talked about truley understanding peoples needs like God understands. as a misionary, ive come to learn that, almost everytime an investigador doesnt progress, its because we don't understand what their ¨true needs¨ are. i used lucas 11:9-13 as a scripture reference and also talked about a little monkey in the forest. remind me to tell you the story when i get home haha its pretty funny. we also found an antiguo investigador who doesnt progress but cuts our hair for free so thats a plus. my memory is getting worse and worse as the mission goes. everything jut gets more jumbled up but bueno thats life huh? so sorry this email isnt the best lol. i love you guys have a good week! xoxo Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #81

hey all, i hope all is well in AZ and IL. all is well en MX in case you are wondering.. this week has been a very good one. it went by really fast for some reason.. who knows why.. but yeah so we have lots of work and finally have people progressing really well towards baptism. we are hoping to baptize 1 before this cycle ends and multiple the next. im excited to finish out these last 100 days of the mission strong. im also thankful for the last 630 ive learned from here. this mission is coming and going faster than i can blink my eyes. the cool thing is, is that all i learn while im here, will help me throughout the rest of this life and the next. todya for my pday, we decided to hang out with my (companion I trained), Rodriguez from idaho and his comp. we went to the via. its basically the place from what all the adoration to the virgen started. supposedly, the virgen appeared to some guy in the catholic church on this hill (which is now a huge catholic church and monument). so we went and took some cool pics and best of all, we bought some sweet virgencita shirts to sport when i get back to the states. the virgen is one of the biggest parts of the mexican culture. i will send some pics haha. after that, we went to olive garden and then to district meeting. it all was a long day but very fun. thanks for reading! love you all! have a good one! Git R Done! xoxo Elder Anderson