Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City - Week #79

hey everyone! this week has been really one to remember! our area really picked up and we got 5 people to church, all of which with fechas for baptism. we also teach english classes every week with about 50 students. this week was a lil different because we got the ward to do a convivencia with them all and an activity about the plan of salvacion. we ate tacos al canasta with everyone. we taugh the english class for 30 minutes and then took everyone through different rooms of the stake center, each room representing a different part of the plan of salvacion ranging from premortal life to the celestial kingdom. at the end of the activity and 40 or so year old woman and her 12 year old girl came up to me and the woman started to tell me about her situation. she said she really liked the idea we have about God and His plan for us, but her daughter was crying. the woman then asked me a simple question, what would happen to her husband that had just passed away in december. i explained to the both of them that their husband and father was waiting for them. and that our decisions determine our eternal path. i explained to them more specifically about the plan of salvacion and they were a lot happier about everything afterwards. we are going to either go with them or send missionaries with them this week to follow up with them. they were just a couple of many we were able to find who are receptive to the Gospel thanks to clases de ingles. on friday we went to the wedding of omar and laura and on saturday, they got baptized, along with their daughter, naysa. i baptized omar and elder perez baptized laura and naysa. laura is the daughter of ana maria, one of my converts that we contacted in my second area of the mission. im now in my fifth area. anyways, we baptized them and went to eat with them afterwards. they are such a great family and it was such a blessing being part of their conversion experience. times like that make me not want to return home. its interesting to see the Lords hand in His work. everything goes how it was designed too. but yeah, this week was just really cool. i love you guys! have a good one! xoxo Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #78

hey all,
hows everyone doing? this emails gonna be even shorter than normal cuz i honestly remember nothing from this past week. just was a big blur. anyways, we only had a couple investigadores in church on sunday and none of the ones with fechas went so all our fechas fell. hopefully we will be able to pick it up this week and get some people into the water from our area by the end of this cycle. the good news is that laura, omar, and their daughter, naysa are planning on getting baptized this saturday. omar wants me to baptize him. elder perez, my comp when we found them, will most likely baptize laura and their daughter if all goes well. im super happy for them and i will let you know how it all turns out in a week. todya we just stayed home and cleaned. other investigadores from my current area also named laura and omar, invited us to eat for lunch today which was great. im not sure how well they will progress though considering neither of them believe in a God but yeah they are really nice people. poco a poquito.. thats about it for the week. i love you all! have a good one! xoxo

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #77

hey everybody,

i hope your all doing well. this week has gone well for us in the pearl. neither one of us got changes so we will be here for another weeks. things are starting to pick up here i think. we are finally finding people that want to progress and have gotten ahold of a bunch of referencias thanks to the english classes. the last couple weeks, weve had more than 40 in them. our zone is doing really well but almost everyone is getting changes so a bunch of new elders will be coming in tomorrow. we are excited to see who will be here. in one of my old areas that just happens to be part of my zone now, a wife and son got baptized saturday. do you remember when i killed that rabbit? well it was at their house. we visited the dad every so often and then the rest of the family started to get interested. poco a poco they got closer to the church. now almost everyone in the family is baptized. its a really neat thing. we have been using the ward lists to contact and find all the menos activos in our area. we managed to get some to church this last week cuz of it. not to mention, we are getting referencias and going to find more news thanks to it. its a really great tool we are using right now. today, we went to the tianguis and played soccer for a while. we are about to go get hair cuts as well. that about it for the week. i love you guys. good luck with everything! xoxo

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #76

hey all, i hope your all doing well. we went to ixtapaluca today to play soccer with some other missionaries. its a new zone recently added to our mission. its like los reyes. a lot bigger and spread out. with more mountains. its really cool but im happy where i am right now in the city. less walking. margarito got baptized saturday. he is now a priest. hes a super spiritual guy. im glad i got to be apart of his baptism. the bad news is that we dont have hardly anyone progressing right now in the area. its been a pretty tough couple of weeks with the work but im sure it will pick up soon. we still teach english classes every saturday and more and more non members keep showing up. we had about 40 people to teach last class. we are planning an a ward activity to add to the english classes so the non members can convivir with the members. something to do with food because everyone is always down for that. we went to the temple friday. left at 2 and got back at 9. it was fun. we took a couple investigadores and menos activos through the visitors center while the jovenes did baptisms and the adultos did endowments. its was long but good. we also have been doing divisiones with the other elderes. thats always exciting. i got to work in one of my old areas one day and with one of my old comps another day. thats about all i can remember right now. thanks for reading! have a good one! love you guys! xoxo Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #75

hey all
another week come and gone again. is it just me or does it feel like time goes incredibly slow and fast a la vez? who knows.. anyways, this week has been good. i went to claudias ( the girl we were about to baptize in my last area) baptism yesterday. it was really cool to see elder rodriguez baptize for the first time. he did really well. we are getting everything squared away for margaritos baptism in our own area this week. he will be getting baptized saturday. hes been an eternal investigador for 4 years due to matrimony papers and what not.  hes very strong in the Gospel. im excited to be apart of his baptism. we are also working with quite a few others but nobody is really progressing well.. so we continue to look for news. we went to tianguis (street markets) today and i found some nike sweat pants and a US army shirt with ANDERSON stitched on it for 200 pesos or like 11 us dollars. pretty good deal haha. makes for a good story at least. anyways, all is well here. i hope you guys have a great week! love you all! xoxo

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #74

hey all!
p day once again here in mexico! for p day today, we went to the center where my kid, (rodriguez), invited us elders to eat at olive garden. it was really great! its always pretty much a whole day thing going to the center and i always feel like such a tourist being there but its all good. its nice there. we found a guy in his 20s doing an internship there today who is a mormon from utah. served in columbia 3 years ago. he was nice. 
this week was pretty cool. we got a lil girl named Kimberly baptized on saturday. shes actually the first member in her family now. her parents, margarito and rocio have been eternal investigadores thanks to margaritos divorce papers and marriage and all of that but they have been going to church like everyday for the past 4 years. hopefully they should be getting baptized on the 13th of ferbrerary. at least the margarito.. hs super strong but rocio is having a bunch of problems with the palabra de sabidurĂ­a and her friends. they party a lot. he are trying to help her out of her addictions right now in order to reach the goal of the 13th of feb. we have another cool investigador named eustorgio who has been to church 3 times and keeps goiong every week but has a problem with being baptized again in his words. his family is catholic so yeah.. we are working with him on that as well. we have some other investigadores as well but those are the ones we have been seeing fruits with lately. we are trying to find news but its a lil tough. but all is well here in la perla. i love you guys and hope you have a great one! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #73

hey everyone!

i hope your all doing so well on the best day of this calender year. i know i am! today has been a great birthday and i want to thank you all again for making it so wonderful. i love you all! i dont know why but i have so much energy right now.. i dont know why exactly but it feels cool. maybe someone spiked my drink.. anyways, today for my birthday, we went to el parque aragon. its close to the mx city temple and we went with like my favorite investigadores, omar laura y sus dos hijos, yasser y naysa. they are so awesome. they are from panti which was my second area in the mission. we baptized lauras mom and were planning on getting omar and laura married in order to be baptized but then pres sent both of us to different areas. but they have been telling us over and over again that they are getting baptized. and luckily one of my mission buddies is giving them the lessons so it will become a reality before we know it. they bought me this big chocolate cake that said happy birthday corson! and made a really neat sign in english which was pretty impressive. i will send you the pics. so we went their with them and ate tacos al canasta y pastel. pretty great tasting. another cool thing is that an hna in my area just called me and told me her daughter had her baby today! same birthday as me!! pretty cool huh!? i will let you know about the people we are working with in this area next week cuz im running outta time. but just know that i love you guys and im thankful i have you all to support me! i hope you have a great week! xoxo

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #72

hey everyone, hope your all good! this week was a lil weird and choatic for the new comp, area, and pdaychange. we got back from the temple about 2 hours ago and went to eat with an hermana. the temple was awesome but its been a pretty nasty day with rain and all. mycomp and i both have the cold. so we dont feel to good but we are taking some pills that will hopefully get rid of it fast. we have some good investigadors that are progressing in this area which isgreat. we are focusing on finding more to teach right now. this new area that im in is called la perla. we are the only missionaries in this ward which is cool. we both gave talks sunday along with the lider misional. what are great bienvenidos no? we had a really successful week last week. had zone meeting on monday. it also went well. this week has kinda been a blur with eveything. we have people coming in and out of our apartment to fix certain lil things like plumbing and electricity etc.we just moved into this apartment the same day of changes so we have also been spending the last couple of days cleaning and organizing stuff. but yeah pretty crazy first week in la perla but i like it. all is good in the hood herein MX! love you guys! xoxo Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #71

hey all,
i hope everyones doing well. this week was good. we had some new investigadores go to church yesterday which was nice. i also got the news that i have changes with maletas. im going to la perla which is in the city again so im excited to not have to take comves between citas anymore. it will be a good new years change for me. claudia and lizbeth gave me a lil going away present and wrote some cool things for me. they got me a lil coffee mug with pictures of when we went to the temple stuff. it was really nice of them. im excited to keep up to date with my soon to be old comp rodriguez.. hes gonna do great things here. im also excited to see my new comp will be. all good things from here on out. its been raining a bit today for the first time in a while. very cool weather so im wearing a lot of the new stuff i got from my package from santa. anyways, i hope you all have a wonderful week and i love you so much! xoxo

Elder Anderson

Mexico City - Week #70

hey everyone, i hope you all had a merry christmas this time around. it was great seeing my family via skype on the 25th. i had a good time talking to you all. for the ano nuevo this year we got permission to watch some disney movies. im stoked about that. any good ones come out lately? let me know today if there have been.. we had some turkey and potatoes for christmas eve dinner and lasagna for christmas day dinner with two different members. the lasagna was my favorite! i cant wait to eat my mothers lasagna when i get home! claudia and lizbeths parents didnt want them getting baptized this week so we have a cita to talk to them tomorrow. how fun right? i think my comp and i ate something wrong within this last couple of weeks cuz we both got some good stomach pains. if it continues, we will go to the doc. at least its a good weightloss plan right? other than that, im doing really good just waiting patiently for the ano nuevo to roll around! have a great year! 2016! love you all! xoxo Elder Anderson