Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City - Week #71

hey all,
i hope everyones doing well. this week was good. we had some new investigadores go to church yesterday which was nice. i also got the news that i have changes with maletas. im going to la perla which is in the city again so im excited to not have to take comves between citas anymore. it will be a good new years change for me. claudia and lizbeth gave me a lil going away present and wrote some cool things for me. they got me a lil coffee mug with pictures of when we went to the temple stuff. it was really nice of them. im excited to keep up to date with my soon to be old comp rodriguez.. hes gonna do great things here. im also excited to see my new comp will be. all good things from here on out. its been raining a bit today for the first time in a while. very cool weather so im wearing a lot of the new stuff i got from my package from santa. anyways, i hope you all have a wonderful week and i love you so much! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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