Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City - Week #73

hey everyone!

i hope your all doing so well on the best day of this calender year. i know i am! today has been a great birthday and i want to thank you all again for making it so wonderful. i love you all! i dont know why but i have so much energy right now.. i dont know why exactly but it feels cool. maybe someone spiked my drink.. anyways, today for my birthday, we went to el parque aragon. its close to the mx city temple and we went with like my favorite investigadores, omar laura y sus dos hijos, yasser y naysa. they are so awesome. they are from panti which was my second area in the mission. we baptized lauras mom and were planning on getting omar and laura married in order to be baptized but then pres sent both of us to different areas. but they have been telling us over and over again that they are getting baptized. and luckily one of my mission buddies is giving them the lessons so it will become a reality before we know it. they bought me this big chocolate cake that said happy birthday corson! and made a really neat sign in english which was pretty impressive. i will send you the pics. so we went their with them and ate tacos al canasta y pastel. pretty great tasting. another cool thing is that an hna in my area just called me and told me her daughter had her baby today! same birthday as me!! pretty cool huh!? i will let you know about the people we are working with in this area next week cuz im running outta time. but just know that i love you guys and im thankful i have you all to support me! i hope you have a great week! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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