Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City - Week #75

hey all
another week come and gone again. is it just me or does it feel like time goes incredibly slow and fast a la vez? who knows.. anyways, this week has been good. i went to claudias ( the girl we were about to baptize in my last area) baptism yesterday. it was really cool to see elder rodriguez baptize for the first time. he did really well. we are getting everything squared away for margaritos baptism in our own area this week. he will be getting baptized saturday. hes been an eternal investigador for 4 years due to matrimony papers and what not.  hes very strong in the Gospel. im excited to be apart of his baptism. we are also working with quite a few others but nobody is really progressing well.. so we continue to look for news. we went to tianguis (street markets) today and i found some nike sweat pants and a US army shirt with ANDERSON stitched on it for 200 pesos or like 11 us dollars. pretty good deal haha. makes for a good story at least. anyways, all is well here. i hope you guys have a great week! love you all! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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