Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City - Week #70

hey everyone, i hope you all had a merry christmas this time around. it was great seeing my family via skype on the 25th. i had a good time talking to you all. for the ano nuevo this year we got permission to watch some disney movies. im stoked about that. any good ones come out lately? let me know today if there have been.. we had some turkey and potatoes for christmas eve dinner and lasagna for christmas day dinner with two different members. the lasagna was my favorite! i cant wait to eat my mothers lasagna when i get home! claudia and lizbeths parents didnt want them getting baptized this week so we have a cita to talk to them tomorrow. how fun right? i think my comp and i ate something wrong within this last couple of weeks cuz we both got some good stomach pains. if it continues, we will go to the doc. at least its a good weightloss plan right? other than that, im doing really good just waiting patiently for the ano nuevo to roll around! have a great year! 2016! love you all! xoxo Elder Anderson

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