Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City - Week #77

hey everybody,

i hope your all doing well. this week has gone well for us in the pearl. neither one of us got changes so we will be here for another weeks. things are starting to pick up here i think. we are finally finding people that want to progress and have gotten ahold of a bunch of referencias thanks to the english classes. the last couple weeks, weve had more than 40 in them. our zone is doing really well but almost everyone is getting changes so a bunch of new elders will be coming in tomorrow. we are excited to see who will be here. in one of my old areas that just happens to be part of my zone now, a wife and son got baptized saturday. do you remember when i killed that rabbit? well it was at their house. we visited the dad every so often and then the rest of the family started to get interested. poco a poco they got closer to the church. now almost everyone in the family is baptized. its a really neat thing. we have been using the ward lists to contact and find all the menos activos in our area. we managed to get some to church this last week cuz of it. not to mention, we are getting referencias and going to find more news thanks to it. its a really great tool we are using right now. today, we went to the tianguis and played soccer for a while. we are about to go get hair cuts as well. that about it for the week. i love you guys. good luck with everything! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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