Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City - Week #79

hey everyone! this week has been really one to remember! our area really picked up and we got 5 people to church, all of which with fechas for baptism. we also teach english classes every week with about 50 students. this week was a lil different because we got the ward to do a convivencia with them all and an activity about the plan of salvacion. we ate tacos al canasta with everyone. we taugh the english class for 30 minutes and then took everyone through different rooms of the stake center, each room representing a different part of the plan of salvacion ranging from premortal life to the celestial kingdom. at the end of the activity and 40 or so year old woman and her 12 year old girl came up to me and the woman started to tell me about her situation. she said she really liked the idea we have about God and His plan for us, but her daughter was crying. the woman then asked me a simple question, what would happen to her husband that had just passed away in december. i explained to the both of them that their husband and father was waiting for them. and that our decisions determine our eternal path. i explained to them more specifically about the plan of salvacion and they were a lot happier about everything afterwards. we are going to either go with them or send missionaries with them this week to follow up with them. they were just a couple of many we were able to find who are receptive to the Gospel thanks to clases de ingles. on friday we went to the wedding of omar and laura and on saturday, they got baptized, along with their daughter, naysa. i baptized omar and elder perez baptized laura and naysa. laura is the daughter of ana maria, one of my converts that we contacted in my second area of the mission. im now in my fifth area. anyways, we baptized them and went to eat with them afterwards. they are such a great family and it was such a blessing being part of their conversion experience. times like that make me not want to return home. its interesting to see the Lords hand in His work. everything goes how it was designed too. but yeah, this week was just really cool. i love you guys! have a good one! xoxo Elder Anderson

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