Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City - Week #78

hey all,
hows everyone doing? this emails gonna be even shorter than normal cuz i honestly remember nothing from this past week. just was a big blur. anyways, we only had a couple investigadores in church on sunday and none of the ones with fechas went so all our fechas fell. hopefully we will be able to pick it up this week and get some people into the water from our area by the end of this cycle. the good news is that laura, omar, and their daughter, naysa are planning on getting baptized this saturday. omar wants me to baptize him. elder perez, my comp when we found them, will most likely baptize laura and their daughter if all goes well. im super happy for them and i will let you know how it all turns out in a week. todya we just stayed home and cleaned. other investigadores from my current area also named laura and omar, invited us to eat for lunch today which was great. im not sure how well they will progress though considering neither of them believe in a God but yeah they are really nice people. poco a poquito.. thats about it for the week. i love you all! have a good one! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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