Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City - Week #74

hey all!
p day once again here in mexico! for p day today, we went to the center where my kid, (rodriguez), invited us elders to eat at olive garden. it was really great! its always pretty much a whole day thing going to the center and i always feel like such a tourist being there but its all good. its nice there. we found a guy in his 20s doing an internship there today who is a mormon from utah. served in columbia 3 years ago. he was nice. 
this week was pretty cool. we got a lil girl named Kimberly baptized on saturday. shes actually the first member in her family now. her parents, margarito and rocio have been eternal investigadores thanks to margaritos divorce papers and marriage and all of that but they have been going to church like everyday for the past 4 years. hopefully they should be getting baptized on the 13th of ferbrerary. at least the margarito.. hs super strong but rocio is having a bunch of problems with the palabra de sabidurĂ­a and her friends. they party a lot. he are trying to help her out of her addictions right now in order to reach the goal of the 13th of feb. we have another cool investigador named eustorgio who has been to church 3 times and keeps goiong every week but has a problem with being baptized again in his words. his family is catholic so yeah.. we are working with him on that as well. we have some other investigadores as well but those are the ones we have been seeing fruits with lately. we are trying to find news but its a lil tough. but all is well here in la perla. i love you guys and hope you have a great one! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson

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