Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mexico City - Week #69

hey all.
i hope everyone is doing well. the área is still good here. it gets cold at night and hot at midday here. just felt like i needed to share that with yall. tonight i will be calling Claudia and Lizbeth to see how their talk went with their parents about getting baptized this week. hopefully all goes well with them. another investigador came to church for the first time named jaunita. we met her at a quesadilla place we ate next to the church once. she mentioned to us after church sunday that something was working inside her and she really liked the feeling of it. im excited for her. we have other investigadores we are teaching that havent gotten to church yet too. i will let you know about them when the start making more progress. 
for pday today we played soccer at church. is was a lot of fun but im pretty tired now. im so excited for friday but i also feel really weird. the same kind of weird ive falt the last 2 times ive skyped. who knows what it is lol. anyways, i hope you all have a merry christmas this year! i know i will. love you guys. xoxo

Elder anderson

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