Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mexico City - Week #66

hey guys,

another great week. claudia and lizbeth keep going to church and are in the process of recieving an answer to their prayers about the Book of Mormon. its all going well. they also invited us to go help them put up their christmas tree and decorations for christmas so that was pretty cool with the christmas music going and all. currently they are the only ones getting to curch hince progressing as of right now but we are working with a lot of potentials. hopefully a couple will get through with it. at changes i also got my old backpack that another missionary picked up about 3-4 months ago.. it has my spanish scriptures, camara, himnbook, toiletries, and some other stuff that i thought was lost forever but finally appeared. everything there just like it was when i lost it. so that was a nice lil tender mercy for me.
we went to the plaza tezontle (mall) today. looked around and then went to chilis to eat. it honestly felt really weird inside there today. like i wasnt so used to such a nice building. it reminded my of going to the mall with gunnar during wrestling season in springfield il to shop for everyone for christmas and then eating at texas roadhouse after. i forced me to eat a huge meal and all i was thinking was that i was not going to make weight the following day for the tournament. oh and whit, you will also have to ask him about the waitress who tried to hit on him! (your welcome gunnar 😁) anyways, thats about it for this week as far as i can remember.. ohh wait and also theres this hna name hna marina in our area who has always always helped us in everything we have needed from food to a place to wash our clothes. anyways, she called us one night to ask us to run by to do a favor for her. we got their thinking to help here but then she turns to me and says im taking you to the shoe store. im gonna buy you some new shoes. i obviously said there was no way she was gonna buy me new shoes but after about 10 minutes she got me to go with the whole ¨¨ïf you dont let me, i will be losing blessings¨¨ act and she ended up buyin me some really cool boots. i will send you all some pictures. she is the most humble, caring, generous hna that i know here. the more i talk to her, the more she reminds me of my nana. love ya nana!
ok so i think thats it. have a great week! and sleep good tonight everyone! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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