Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mexico City - Week #65

hey all,

hows it going? all good here. im trying to think of stuff that happened this week. me da mas y mas flojera al escribirles semana despuse de semana lol. im just not one for reminesing but i know you guys are interested in whats going on here so i guess i will have to keep doing it.. so what is going on here? well, those two girls came to church again this week and we put their fechas para el bautismo for the 19th of diciembre. so we should be baptizing on the day kylee goes home i think right? we also found another family, mom and daughter, who are antiguos investigadores, and they now want to seguir again which is cool. they already have 2 sundays as well, so they could be baptized as soon as the 19 along with the other too. woah, i just had deshawvoo of writing you guys all of these. here, iv Heard that comes from us passing through certain things that we previously saw in the premortal existence. who knows if thats actually true but id like to believe it. oh, so saturday, a got a phonecall from an old investigador from like 2 áreas ago. her names reina and she is what the mssionaries call an eternal. she had been in and out of lessons with missionaries for 3 years and she just didnt want to pull the trigger to baptism. so when me and my comp perez went with here, we started with the basics, went to the temple open doors, and figured out she hadnt been Reading the Book of Mormon! that was the key so we did about a week of studying with her in the Book of Mormon and then they changed us both. so it kinda left her plantada but i later took the other missionaries to her to continue to read the Book of Mormon. they ended up going averyday with here for like a month until she finally decided to get baptized. so, she called me to tell me the great news, but she was also looking for some counsel.. her family is super catholic and didnt believe she was making the right decisión. now, on this same saturday, in the morning, my comp was telling me about his conversión story and how his family didnt want him to join the church either. so, thanks to what my comp told me about his situation, i could help Reina, one of my old investigadores, feel more confort in her decisión. we asked permission and got to go to her baptism as well as another baptism of a guy named modesto. i contacted him in the Street about 3 months ago and started teaching him with Elder barnett before they sent me out of that area. but, the moral of the story is that sometimes we forget that our Heavenly Father in always in control. He is the grand architect of our lives.  so i could say that my Sabbath day was a "delight" for me, truely. i love you guys and hope you can have a good week! be safe and happy thanksgiving!

Elder Anderson

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