Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mexico City - Week #63

hey all,

hey everyone, i hope all are doing good. im doing great. mostly because we changed our p day today so we could make a temple visit. the temple here is amazing. it was a whole day event but well worth it! i feel so much better now. its just so peaceful when you enter those sacred grounds. i should be able to go once every 3 months or so. so i got a couple more visits to make before my mission ends. 
apart from that, just a normal week here in atlicpac, los reyes. we have had a lil more success in finding people this week to teach. we found a family of 4. taught three of them the restauracion. we fault the dad. have another cita with them tomorrow. also found a couple other individuals. no we just have to help them progress in order to start their process towards baptism. also, we have met with quite of few menos activo families. its crazy to hear their excuses for not going to church, anything from somebody in the capilla rustling their feathers to not liking the way the members sing to too much homework to a family member passing away. does that seem crazy to you guys too or is it just cuz im a missionary dedicating all my time to church? en todas formas, gotta love them menos activos.
i think thats it from here in mexico. i love you all and hope you have a great one! xoxo
side note: i got to eat some grasshoppers this week. honestly not too bad with a little bit of lemon juice. 
Elder Anderson

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