Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mexico City - Week #62

hey all, 

i hope everyone is doing good. this last week was challenging like the other few. its been a lil tough trying to find news. im hoping we see some éxito this week. so Halloween here is called dia de muerto (dead of the dead). its really cool. you will have to look up some dia de muerto sacrafices. its a huge thing to put out bananas and other food ítems for sacrafices to the dead. the ofrendas are actually pretty cool lookin though. its like the tradition we have in the US to put up a christmas tree on Christmas. also dia de muerto is like a 3 day celebration here so me and my comp went out giving Candy to lil kids in the Street last night. it was awesome because once one lil kid saw that i had Candy he would call the rest of his lil Friends and they would come mob us looking for it, it made me remember giving out Candy at home. other, than that, i cant really think of anything else.. oh yeah! i almost forgot to tell you that the comp i have right now, actually read that blog you posted of my emails and when he met me was like, are you the guy with those endless toe problems. i was proud to admit yes to him. isnt that cool though? he learned about the misión from my emails when he was living in Idaho, got to the misión, and came to find out that i would be training him. i thought that was cool anyways. i love you guys and hope you can have a wonderful week! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson

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