Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mexico City - Week #64

hey guys,

i hope every one is doing good. this week was a good week for my companion and i. mainly because we had our first investigadores in the church yesterday. they are named claudia and lizbeth. we found them from english classes and they let us visit them. they seem really awesome. claudia  has 20 years and the other 16. we are now going to start the process towards baptism with them. your welcome to pray for them if you would like. we have also found more investigadores this week as well. its lookin a lot better in this area. hopefully it keeps up. oh yeah, a cool thing that happened, later in the day yesterday, the 2 girls showed up to the capilla looking for us with their parents. they gave me 2 new pairs of shoes because they noticed the holes in mine lol. now i shouldnt have to buy shoes like i was thinking i was going to need to. they are such a nice, nice family. we went to the capilla this morning to help the members clean the outside. the church is really pushing self sufficience here in mexico so they took out all the mantenimiento so that the members have to come and help clean to church. hopefully it helps them for the better. 
anyways, i cant really think about anything else that happened this week. sorry my emails are so boring but you all know how much a dont like writing or expressing myself lol. im trying to get better though. just know that all is well here in mexico. i love you guys! have a great week! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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