Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mexico City - Week #67

hey guys,

hope everyones doing well. after district meeting today, elder salazar, came to the chapel with his family. his mom is the president of the sociedad de socorro and he returned from his fulltime mission today. i got to talk to him before he got released from being an elder. it made me think of my sister who will be going through the same thing in a couple days. im so happy for the example she has been to me in my mission and also how much of a help as well. from feeling out all my mission papers to helping me through difficult companeros. im so blessed to have had her as MY companion throughout this entire missionary experience. Kylee, te felicito mucho! nunca te olvides de lo que has aprendido junto con tu hermanito en el campo. Vas a lograr milagros en tu vida y en la vida de los demás. gracias por ser mi ejemplo y espero que te disfrutes de nuestra familia a al estar allí para la Navidad. ÉXITO! No debes estar triste. Que empezca la buena vida! Te amo!
today, i went to the center with some investigadores that Whit via FB from an area pasada. they informed us that they wanted to be baptized by me and my old companero who taught them with me, elder perez. it was awesome to hear that from them. they still have a lot of work to do before they reach that point considering they arent married yet and drink a lot haha. they have 2 kids and their hearts are definitely in the right place. it will al work out in the Lords time and how it should so im super excited for them. claudia and lizbeth didnt make it to church on sunday so we wont be baptizing the day kylee goes home which is sad but maybe the day after navidad. others also came for the first time so things are looking bright in this area.
i got my package! its huge! we have are lil Christmas corner going on in our house with everything. its so great! thanks so much family! it will be a special Christmas for everyone this year! love you tons! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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