Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mexico City - Week #68

hey all,

im doing good being here in mexico still haha. today we had our annual Christmas party as a mission. it was fun. first we had a devotional, then a talent show, then a turkeyand mashed potato lunch, then i played futbol americano with some other gueros, then i played a bit of volleyball, then we at hotdogs and nachos, and ya.. thats it lol came back to my area in a comve to write all of you beautiful people. 
as for the area, its good! weve had lots of success. claudia and lizbeth texted us the other night wanting to know of a Book of Mormon that talks about la Navidad. so we gave them alma 7 to read because it not only talks a about Jesus´ Nacimiento but also about what we can to accept Him 😋. youll understand if you read it. anyways, they sent another text later that night letting us know how much they loved it. they are really great. im so glad to be working in this type of work. saving souls and such. yeah, its pretty nice. not to brag or anything. i would recomend it to you if you ever get the chance.
anyways, thats about it for the week. love yall! have a good one! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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