Friday, April 1, 2016

Mexico City - Week #82

hey all, this week was good and bad.. good because we found some new investigadores from clases de ingles and they have fechas. bad because a couple of other investigadores stopped progressing and dont want anythig to do with us or the church anymore.. not sure why but there is nothin we can do. this doesnt hapen very oftenof course but when it does, it like dagger to the heart. i guess they just arent ready yet. hopefully the missionaries will go with them later. so yeah, baptisms that were scheduled for this upcoming cycle are postponed which is pretty sad and disheartening. the good news is, is that all the investigadores we have right now, are looking like very good aspects for baptism. this is the last week of this cycle.. then i new cycle. the secon to last actually. we were asked to give talks in church yesterday. i talked about truley understanding peoples needs like God understands. as a misionary, ive come to learn that, almost everytime an investigador doesnt progress, its because we don't understand what their ¨true needs¨ are. i used lucas 11:9-13 as a scripture reference and also talked about a little monkey in the forest. remind me to tell you the story when i get home haha its pretty funny. we also found an antiguo investigador who doesnt progress but cuts our hair for free so thats a plus. my memory is getting worse and worse as the mission goes. everything jut gets more jumbled up but bueno thats life huh? so sorry this email isnt the best lol. i love you guys have a good week! xoxo Elder Anderson

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