Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mexico City - Week #86

hey all,

this week has been crazy cool. the work is going great right now.. the bishop just got released in our ward sunday and a new one was called. we had a baptism on wednesday night that went really well. we baptized an eterno investigador. she had 2 years with the missionaries. she actually just called us one day and was like elderes, i want to be baptized.. what do i do? that has never happened to me my entire mission so you can only imagine how incredible it felt. we will be heading to los reyes, one of my past areas to baptize a girl that a i found with my (trainee), rodriguez. her name is liz. im sure you will remember her once i send pics in a couple days. we found an escogido the other day too and put a fecha with him the first time we talked to him. hopefully he goes to church sunday. we have a few more baptisms planned for these next couple of weeks too. the Lord has been blessing us so much, its amazing. we are super happy to be where we are right now. this is the happy ever after ending to the mission i was hoping for. we went to the temple to do a session today to top everything off. good stuff! anyways, i love you all! have a great week! thanks for the support!

Elder Anderson

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