Friday, April 1, 2016

Mexico City - Week #81

hey all, i hope all is well in AZ and IL. all is well en MX in case you are wondering.. this week has been a very good one. it went by really fast for some reason.. who knows why.. but yeah so we have lots of work and finally have people progressing really well towards baptism. we are hoping to baptize 1 before this cycle ends and multiple the next. im excited to finish out these last 100 days of the mission strong. im also thankful for the last 630 ive learned from here. this mission is coming and going faster than i can blink my eyes. the cool thing is, is that all i learn while im here, will help me throughout the rest of this life and the next. todya for my pday, we decided to hang out with my (companion I trained), Rodriguez from idaho and his comp. we went to the via. its basically the place from what all the adoration to the virgen started. supposedly, the virgen appeared to some guy in the catholic church on this hill (which is now a huge catholic church and monument). so we went and took some cool pics and best of all, we bought some sweet virgencita shirts to sport when i get back to the states. the virgen is one of the biggest parts of the mexican culture. i will send some pics haha. after that, we went to olive garden and then to district meeting. it all was a long day but very fun. thanks for reading! love you all! have a good one! Git R Done! xoxo Elder Anderson

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