Friday, April 1, 2016

Mexico City - Week #83

hey all, well i dont have much time and this computer im on is really slow but i just wanted to let you all know that i have changes. i am leaving the perla and going to pantitlan. i will be with one of my old comps, Hernandez-Garcia. he is actually like my favorite comp so its going to be amazing to work with him again. a lot of my converts like omar and laura and their families live in my new zone too which means i will be able to visit them whenever i want. H-G and i have already talked and we are super excited about these next cycles. im ready to close out my last 12 weeks in the mission. feels crazy but great. elder ostler and i are going to come back to this area to baptize gael and his sister, saira on jueves. i will probably baptize saira and my comp, gael. they are super great chamacos and im super happy to know them. they have been going to the activities of the jovenes and get along with all of them. saira already told us she wants to serve a mission too. their mom is super cool with us but isnt ready yet haha. she actually bought us pizza today cuz we are leaving. we also took some families from clases de ingles to the temple visitors center on saturday. that was a great success. i started having people write in my journal for me and im planning on taking it to areas when i say my final goodbye to people. then im going to read everything they wrote on the plane ride back to keep me occupied and to keep my eyes nice and moist if you know what i mean.. im super excited for general conference as well. i challenge you all to take specific questions, to listen, and watch how Heavenly Father will answer every last one. He is cool like that😉. anyways, i hope everyone has a great time this week in whatever they are going to do! i love you all! have a good one! xoxo Elder Anderson

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