Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mexico City - Week #13

hola familia,

hows it going for you all? probably great. thats great. so this week, i went back to the doctor for my stupid toe for the 3rd operation in the mission. oh what a waste of time it was to go before the mission mama. rememeber how we thought it would be all better just in time for my mission?? HA. its okay though really, because i think im actually starting to enjoy the huge needles they use everytime i go. they are starting to tickle me ;P so yeah, in operation number 2 the doctor cut the edge of the nail all the way down but only took half of it out. so the skin actually grew around the nail again to make it more infected then the last times lol. gotta love the doctors here.

so i didnt get as many lessons accomplished as i wanted to this week because of my toe but we went to the stake center for stake conference sunday and a part member family showed up from our area. they have a set of twins age 11 that need to be taught the lessons in order to be baptized. super awesome and a huge blessing! also, for stake conference, Elder Andersen of the quorum of the 12 was broadcasted speaking in spanish. as well as some other people from the the quroum of the 70s but it was super weird listening to Elder Anderson give his in spanish! apparently he has a french accent because he also knows french as his second language and portugese as his 3rd with spanish as his last. super talented man and i learned a lot from his talk.

nothing much more happened this last week. a lot of studying because i had to stay home for my toe. we did go to the church this morning and play some ultimate frisbee and basketball. that was a lot of fun. and i believe im about to eat some arroz y leche ahorita. woot woot. thanks so much family for the Christmas package! i cant wait to open it on dec 24th! also, thanks for the letters from ashley, allison, and you, kim! they were great to read and you should have the return mail in a month or so (hopefully) 

thanks so much for all the love and support! i love you all so much! hasta el proximo lunes!

Elder Anderson

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