Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mexico City - Week #29

hey all,

good week thisweek. sorry the spacebar doesnt work goodand i dont have question mark on this computer. but was a good week and our 2 investigadors came to church so they are going tobe baptized this saturday. imsuper happy for e. and g. we are working on finding news right now and hitting it pretty hard. its veryhard to think past the investigadors you have at the moment when you really need to because after theirbaptisms there needs to be more. but we found 5 news last week and thegoal is 6 for this week. i hope we canget a couople new progressing out of these 2 weeks. 
had a pretty cool experience with one of they those news named c. he is an antiguo investigador who we are tryingtostart teaching again and hes kinda a big drugee. sowecame up to his house and it was him and his buddies smoking weed with a couple pitbulls and a lab-mut thing infront ofum. i guess wecame up too fast and the dogsgot upand started to charge us. we just backed up like normal and some other people calmed um down. so we went into hishouse and all the way up to the roof to teach tohim. turns out he knows fluent english because he lived in the united states up until he was like 19 then went back to mexico for something and tried to get back in via AZ bordertunnels and was caught. spent 6 months in federal prison where he found God. after that he got deported back here and is not allowed to enter legally until 10 years from now. anyways we got caught upwith some gangs in the states and came back here and someof those same people foundhim here so now hes a big drugee. just drugging every day. he really wants to change but is having trouble with the addictions. we spent 2 hours having an intervention with him about the palabra de sabiduria. hes a really chill kid butit was so weird talking to him inenglish. cool though. we got him committed to come to church this last week but he was gone when he passed for him. we will keep working with him.
i got a package from the lake pleasant mia maids this week. it was very nice of them, can you tell the president thanks mom. also a letters from Kim and Kylee. muchas gracias. its the best to get letters. 
thats about it for the week. love you all and have a great week! xoxox

Elder Anderson 

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