Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mexico City - Week #26

Happy valentines Week everyone!  so, i hope you all had a good valentines day. the latinos here go crayz when valentines day comes around. everybody was out walking the streets friday and saturday night with all of their teddy bears ballons hearts and what not. as a matter of fact, a couple of buzzed teenaged girls wanted to be me and my comps valentines lol. they offered us a couple of heart shaped balloons. we declined, respectfully lol.

this last week wasnt too crazy. pretty normal. we took one of our investigators to the temples visitors center. her name is g. and she loved it. she said she felt so much better about things after she went. as a matter of fact, she insisted to me yesterday at church that we should go again so i told her to celebrate her baptism, we would go haha. shes progressing very well. we are going to try to get a couple other to start progressing this week as well. the work is no easy thing. thats for sure. it involves too much free agency lol. it would be nice to tell them they were all just going to church and thats the end of it but unfortuantely we have to be nice. its a slow process, nonetheless.
my comp had his birthday on the 10th. we threw him a lil surprise party at night. it was fun. its going good with him. sometimes are tougher than others. he has a way different personality than me lol. but all is well.
thats about it for this week. thanks for all fam! i love you guys and hope you have a great week! xoxox

Elder Anderson 

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