Monday, March 23, 2015

Mexico City - Week #31

Hey all,

well this last week has been good although it started of a lil rough. so we were at the misión offices all day last pday,spent the night and went to the changes from there in the morning the next day. so they had me on some drugs for inflammation and pain for my toe so when we got into the van to go to the changes meeting it got me really sick.. i thought i could make it until the Ward parking lot and i was right.. but not entirely.. right as we opened up the door to get out of the comve, i jumped out first and upchucked right there my the side of the car. it was bad and embarrising. not to mention, president mentioned it when he called my name for changes in front of everyone. so everyone knows me as the kid who upchucked in the misión lol.
my new comp is Elder C. hes from peru. he actually came in my "generation". so he has like 1 month less than me because he didnt need to spend time in the CCM learning the language. hes a good kid. we havent had any problems so far. and it makes such a change when you get a different comp. its like a different world.. im excited for this cycle.
as for my toe right now, its still bad. i think there is still a peice in it under the skin cus the inflammation wont go down and hurts. neither of which should be happening a week and a half after the operation. pres. knows and told Smith and i to take it easy for the next couple of days. smiths also isnt better so at least im not the only one.
thats about it for the week that i can remember right now. love you all  and hope to talk to you son! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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