Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mexico City - Week #32

hey guys!

i hope everyone had a good Easter Day! Conference was great! i learned so soo much and im sure you all did too.. my favorite talks were president Monsons during Priesthood session and Elder Hollands on Sunday. but they were truely all good. i thought they focused a lot on eternal marriage and families on Saturday and, of course, Jesus Christ on Sunday. it was so neat. the talk by Robert D. Hales interested me as well. he talked about our freedoms to believe and so forth, using civil rights citations and so on. it was pretty cool. but i did like them all. like i said, i learned a lot and am super thankful that i had the oppurtinity to not only watch it, but in english. and all of us white elders brought stuff for waffles so we made those too. so great!
we actually werent allowed to work on friday or saturday anyways.. they did the crucifictions on friday here and on saturday, its just a huge water fight all over the city to represent baptizing people. ... very very strange.. i will just leave it at that. so saturday, we played checkers all day. btw, im the reigning champ of the house. and sunday we just went to the church stake building in the morning and stayed all day until we left from Priesthood session.
so we didnt get to much work dones this week but it was cool because we kind of got a 4 day weekend off from work. with friday, Conference, and pday. tomorrow, elder s. and i have to meet president to get another operation done for me and to check s's to see if he needs another. so, who knows how much i will be working this next week.. 
but yeah, thats about all i can think of for the moment.. i have pictures i will send. i know ive been slackin a bit lately. thanks for reading and responding to me! i always love hearing about the home life and such. its reviberating. (think thats a word) i love you all and i hope you all are having a great day! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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