Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mexico City - Week #34

hey everybody,

this week was great mainly because i didnt have to sit in the house all day doing nothing. had lots a good lessons and found some news. but the bad part was that nobody came to church.. it pretty makes you feel like the weeks work was useless. because if they dont get to church the dont get baptized. so it really just puts you back another week. thats part of the experience i guess though.. 
so i have a pretty funny story for you all. and theres not a better day than today to share it lol. i was on splits with my district leader, elder s. the other day. we were contacting trying to get citas fijas with the reciently contacted people. anyways, we just got done talking to a man who actually lived in utah for a bit. but anyways, we went up the street towards another part of my area and a 20ish yr old kid yelled to us to come over. so we talked to him for a while and he told us all sorts of funny things. i forgot to mention he was drunk and high. so usually when somebody is druging or is drunk, they are either super happy nice or mad mean. he was super nice. actually, he wanted to go work with us! we gave him a palabra de sabiduria <Word of Wisdom> pamphlet and tried to leave but he kept insisting to go with us so we were like, oh well, lets do it. so we walking with him for about 5 minutes or so talking some more and then i got the idea.. lets start running. so i told elder s. the plan and he just laughed and then i told the drugged kid. i told him as missionaries we liked to excerize and that he could run with us if he wanted to. i thought that would keep him from going with us but he said sure and was ready to go at a moments notice. so i started sprinting up the hill and then he started. it turned into a race. me and the drugee with elder s. trying to keep up with us while laughing his head off. anyways after about a quarter mile i decided to stop and then we let elder s. catch up to us. i incorporated the run we had just done with the pamphlet we had given him. i told him in spanish, brother, what we just did can be found in the pamphlet we gave you. and that there are more <amazing> things that could be found in the pamphlet that would change his life. so we put a cita with him for another day and he finally let us leave. but can you just picture two white missionaries in white shirts and ties running in an all out sprint with a mexican drug Addict? i dont know, for me and elder s., it made our day..
anyways thats about it for the week. i love you all and hope you guys have a good week! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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