Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mexico City - Week #36

hey guys.

i have had a great week. we had changes tuesday and i am now with Elder h.-g. from california. hes a latino and hes a great guy. he has 4 months and is super obedient. we had a very successfull last week. and believe we will have even more success throughout this next cycle. the área is way different. its more safe here, completely flat, half the área as my last, working members, good comp. literally all i could ask for.
we have carnitas in this área which is when the guy buys a full pig and cuts it up. you tell him what you want and you get it in a taco. intestines, eyes, stomachs, ribs, bacon, legs, anything.. so we will have some fun the next couple weeks with that. i will let yall know you it goes. i rode on a trash cart thingy. people go around with their carts pulled by horse here. we wear late to an apt. so we hopped on with this drunk guy and his girl. he was a super nice person. everybody was wondering what a White kid in a White shirt and tie was doing on a trash cart lol. it was super fun.
i cant wait to see you all sunday. its going to be great. i love you guys!

Elder Anderson

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