Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mexico City - Week #38

hey guys,

i hope everyones doing okay. this week was kindof unsuccesful  but ni modo. just that nobody came to church so everything gets put off longer.. p day has been good so far. woke up at 630 to take our laundry to an hnas house then came back and slept for like 3 hours longer. felt great. went to play hockey at another hnas house then to carnitas (street tacos) were really good. i had brain quesadillas and tongue tacos. the brain was a lil bitter but tasted good with salsa. the tongue tasted very tender. it was pig tongue but tasted more like cow steak. pretty good though. also tried the pig knee cap. it tasted like garbage.. that about made me upchuck.. it was very slimey and just nasty tasting. after, we went home to shower and go to the store. then we came here to write. so yeah pretty good pday. love you guys. have a good one! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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