Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mexico City - Week #35

well all, great news! im finally getting out of my first area. i have changes with maletas which means im going to a whole different stake! im hoping for a cool comp and a flat area so i wont have to deal with anymore inclines. but, im pretty excited for the change. my toes are all good now. just healing up from all of those surguries. i dont have a single problem as of right now which is a tender mercy. 
we found lots of news this week was exciting until only 1 came to church. but he looks like he will progress quickly so thats good. he found a mini football one night so we have been playin two hand touch games after work at nights in the street. very fun and reminded me of when i always used to play with my lil bros in the yard at deer hollow. so much fun. i vomitted the other night. i think it was the buffalo wings i got from a street vendor. they tasted ok but i dont know, i just got sick really fast.. within 2 minutes and the rest is history. i have a pic if you would all like to see it ;) had a zone activity this morning which was pretty fun. we played soccer basketball football and wuffle ball. sports are so great on the mission. we also had tacos de suadero y longaniza. the salsa for them was surprisely hot this time around. so yeah, delicious. thats it i believe. love you all. have a good one!

Elder Anderson

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