Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mexico City - Week #37

hey all,

i hope everyone had an awesome mothers day. i sure did. it was so nice to talk to you all. (CLICK HERE FOR SKYPE VIDEO.)i felt like i never left for a moment or two. its amazing how energizing that skype call was for me. i feel great now. ready for the week. i hope all of you guys got closure as well. its a great thing to be able to talk to family face to face even though we are spread out all over the americas.
some other interesting things that happened to me this last week was that i got peed on by a boxer. all up and down my pant leg and shoe. then, i got bit by another dog a twice. now, at least i can mark those things off the list of things to do before i leave mexico.
we had lots of exito this week with investigators up until sunday. 9 different people said they would come to church, we passed for all of them but only 2 came.. i think mothers day kinda made it tougher. but the two that came have dates and we will continue to work hard with them. i think a lot more people should come to church this week. i still love my area and the members here. especially the hermanas. they are soo caring and hardworking for us.
but yeah, i hope you guys can have a good week! i am going to send a lot of pics now. hope you like um lol. love you all! xoxo bye!

Elder Anderson

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