Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mexico City - Week #27

hey yall,

im doing well. dont worry. and from what ive read you are all doing well aswell. this last week was a great week. mostly because the 2 people who have fechas for baptism came to church. thats a huge deal! the comps good and all. i do have some bad news.. soo my engrown toenail came back which means i need to get another operation.. im bummed. i think this time im gonna ask them to kill the root just on the very side so it cant grow into the skin anymore because no matter what we do, it just comes back.. so annoying.
for p-day today, we went to the temple to meet up with a next door neighbor of my comp. an old White man who is the lead painter inside the temple. he invited us to lunch at a lil mexican almuerzo shack on the same block as the temple lol. its cuz he doesnt really leave the temple block much because we doesnt know any spanish. had to help him order and what not lol. it was a really weird experience though. just having a normal life conversation in ingles was really weird. felt kinda awkward. but it was way cool! so yeah, other than that, we just played basketball in the morning.
thats really all i got for the week. i love you all and until next week, adiĆ³s! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson

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