Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mexico City - Week #25

``deer`` all,

Kim, you understand that lol. my week was fantastic ... it was great. had 2 investigators come to church. different from the other 2 who came last sunday, but thats okay. work goes on with everyone. actually, we had a cool experience happen saturday and then, on sunday. i will just copy what i wrote about it in my blessings book..    we had like 15 minutes before we had to go to lunch saturday day  so we went to contact a bit. (contacting is when you go from door to door sending a góspel principle and then inviting the person to start taking your lessons) we started contacting down this one road and werent having much success until an old lady, mid 50s, came walking by pulling a handcart up the road. we offered to help her and she actually accepted it (most people dont like our help) anyways, my compa was pulling the cart and i started talking to the hna. she was really nice, was listening, and even answering some questions that i had asked her which gave me a reassurance that she might actually want to listen to us. so anyways, we took her up the Street, across the main avenue in our área, and to her house a couple blocks over. when we got to her house, we tried to get her to come to church with us the next day or at least take our lessons but she just wouldnt do it. so we left for lunch with nothing accomplished except servicio.

but just as we were turning around the corner, off her Street. a 20 yr old guy Yelled at us some not so nice english swear words? at this point i was not in the mood, and came back around the corner and asked him, ``what did you call us?`` in spanish and then he came over and acted all nice and stuff. so we started talking and he started to tell us about some papers sent from the U.S. State Department in english that his mom nor he could read so then his mom comes out with the papers. we translated them for her. and they were very grateful. (shes trying to visit her husband who is working in indianapolis) so after that, we just contacted her and her son. her name is E. and his name is N.

we invited um to come to church with us just like every other person but i was suprised to get the answer, YES! from her. she then asked us what time she needed to be ready and we told her 1230 the next day. i was so shocked that i actually asked her if she was already a member. shes not, which is awesome, and the reason why she wanted to go so bad is because her son lost his baby girl who was around 3 yrs old to some kind of disease. after her death, he has been super depressed and suicidal. his mom, being a mom, wanted to help him in anyway possible. she had kept telling him that they needed to get to church and bring theirselves closer to God, but they just never managed to get there. Until we came up and invited them to come with us. unfortunately, N. couldnt come because of work, but E. did and she loved it. she actually told us she was going to come back this wednesday for a relief society activity and then, saturday for stake conference because she already had plans so visit her family in the puebla on sunday. we hadnt even had an actual lesson with her or anything, she just wanted to go to church so bad it didnt matter what kind. so now, we will guide her in the right direction and i know they will both become converted to the Gospel. ive never had an experience like this.. it was absolutely amazing to see it unfold. if we would have not contacted in that first Street and offered to help that old lady, we would have never found E. and her son. just one Split decisión can change the outcome of an entire day on the misión. such a great opportunity i have to be here.. i love it. i love you all too. thanks for Reading this long email and all the others i write. peace out! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson

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