Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mexico City - Week #23

hey yall,
i hope your week went great. i got a new companion named elder M.r. he is from salt lake city, Utah and has 4 months in the misión. im his 3rd ... (trainer) so he has had a pretty rocky start. so far, we are getting along well and chugging away with the work. he's a good guy.
now that we're talking about the work, there is a ton of it. in the beginning of the week last week, we dedicated our time to finding new investigators because nobody we have is coming to church. so we found quite a few investigators but not a single person came to church with us. i felt like a failure sunday morning in sacrament meeting but as the day went on, i just realized that its their own agency. they will come if they truly want to know its the true church. if not, then, we need to find others who are ready.
so weve decided we are going to look for news this week as well as grill the ones we have about Sabbath day attendance. we gotta start getting some people to church. if you have any suggestions, hit me up with um ;)
i had my 3 month interview with the president of our misión, President Stutzneggar. every 3 months we are supposed to get interviewed. i absolutely love my interviews with him. the most spiritual interviews i have ever had. to start out, i come in and he always starts with a kneeling prayer and before, he always asks what i would like him to prayer for so i usually tell him my family, companion, my spanish, etc. and he always prays like Heavenly Father is sitting right next to us. so genuine. so then, we get up and talk about things. he asked me what ive learned about my Saviour so far. and how my companion is. my family. my other missionary sister. and actually, when we got on the subject of kylee, he said, lets pray for her right now. so we got down on our knees and prayed for her and he prayed for her as if she was his own child. then, i realized, he has these kind of interviews with every one of his missionaries every day. HOW DOES HE DO IT? he is an amazing man and i know that every decisión he makes is guided by the spirit. im thankful to have him as my misión president! 
thats about it for the week i would say.. thanks for tuning in this week folks! luvyaslots! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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