Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mexico City - Week #40

hey all, 

this week was a great week. we had 2 baptisms. a pregnant mother named e. and her daughter named f. who has 8 years old. we found them my very first day in this area. we are also working with the dad but hes a lil slower mover. hes a policeman so its a little harder to find him cuz he has a tight work schedule. but hes the next goal for sure. we are also starting fresh with a couple other people. the other couple families we were teaching didnt progress so we had to drop them. the work is still great here in pantitlan 2.
we went to the center of mexico city today. i bought a new camara in the center today. my old one was really bad so it was time. we brought a couple recent converts with us to haggle the dude down for us. you cant haggle down anything with a white face here..
other than that, nothing too crazy happened. this week. just the normal. let me know if ya got questions.. i love you guys! have a good one. xoxo

-Elder Anderson

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