Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 1 - Safe Arrival

Hey mom dad and family,
I arrived to Mexico City MTC about an hour and a half ago. just got back from dinner. we had some type of chicken soup and bread, corn, and some other sides as well as a whole variety of juices to choose from. they arent labeled for english so i had to guess what looked good. i got the jamica juice and it tasted terrible but its all good haha. im excited to be past the travel and goodbyes and ready to learn some spanish. some other elders were saying how you sit in class for 10 to 12 hours a day just learning. that will be interesting. anyways, i sat next to a sister missionary on the airplane that reminded a lot of kylee. that was cool. ... i actually haven't found ... <my companion> ... yet but i guess i will once we get to our rooms to go to sleep. thats when most companions find each other anyways. it feels like im still living in my dream so im nervous to see what happens when reality hits. mexico city is crazy. its like the area by dads work, but all over. our mtc campus has huge walls with barbed wire fences around the perimeter. its pretty cool to see how people live. there are houses all the way up the mountain sides like brazil. and people drive crazy aggresive here too. im glad i wont be driving. i feel like we almost got hit like 4 times on the way from the airport. overall its been great so far so no need to worry. i love you guys!

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