Friday, October 31, 2014

Mexico City - Week #9

hey all,

tell Bryson good luck with playoffs this next month or so and tell him im still practicing football here. i just juked out a drunk dude who tried to grab me the other day lol. he about fell over. my stomach is a lot better now so thats awesome. i hope yours is too Kylee.. 

bad news for the 2 baptism dates.. neither person showed up to church yesterday and im pretty sure one of them got a job which is great but he works on sundays now which is terrible. so now we get to go to his house and tell him that he needs to quit the job we wanted him to get lol should be interesting. we went to hna C. house to teach her saturday night. she was baptized right before i came into the area and she is the best recent convert ever! she is soo converted to the church, its incredible. anyway, we came to teach and we started talking about pizza (because thats the one dish that everybody dreams of eating here. its so good and expensive) and she was like, you two want pizza? we were astonished and didnt want to say yes because we knew it would be expensive for here but she didnt even wait for us to answer. she told L., her 6 yr old grandson, to go get her the phone. so we had pizzzaaa! woot! woot! made my day.

 had a big meeting with the entire mission on saturday. our mission president had it to draw the line because many missionaries in my mission arent making good choices and when a missionary isnt obedient, relationships with the ward members investigators and other missionaries crumble which in turn, ruins a mission and keeps many people from partaking in their salvation. it was good to hear from the president about all the rules from his own mouth and it has helped me to lift my game so im grateful for that.

thats about it for the week. love yall a bunch!

Elder Anderson

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