Friday, October 17, 2014

Mexico City - Week #8

hey people,

i always love sitting down to email everyone because it gives me a chance to reflect on my week and to wonder whats going to happen in the week to come.. not to mention getting caught back up on the lives of the people i absolutely love!

this last week was good.. we have two baptism dates both set for our november 1st baptismal service. the first one is a 26 year old women named m. she is super super Christian but her church was to far away to go to and since she had lds members living under her ... she started to get interested in our church. she was taught by her pastor that you are only aloud to wear skirts and she cant pray unless she has a veil thingy to cover her head. kind of weird but we are working with her lol. shes really cool and its so much better teaching <other Christians> because they understand the bible so much. anyways, we got her committed for baptism saturday and invited her to church on the following day. unfortunately she couldnt make it because she had to watch he sister's kids but another one of our investigators names j. showed up which was awesome because we didnt even get the chance to invite him. after the class with the rest of the investigators during 2nd block, my comp. and i ... committed for baptism. he is one of 3 kids of a less active convert to the church named Hermana L. the other 2 kids are the girls i talked about in my email 2 weeks or so ago i think.. we are still trying to get them committed.

not much has happened other than that stuff.. my comp and i had to take a 2 hour bus ride to the south part of the city for his first of 2 wisdom teeth to be taken out. the next one will be scheduled for later this week or early next week i believe. we lost 2 and a half days work for just that one tooth so now i understand why perparing missionaries need to get them taken out.

my stomach has been killing me lately.. its like what kylee got with her upset stomach. just really bad pains and then yeh.. bathroom, bathroom, bathroom. it actually hasnt been working 100 por ciento since my salmonella incident. who knows what the problem is.. if it doesnt get better throughout this coming week i will probably tell my president about it.
thats about it for the week my people. your in my prayers. love you guys and "talk" to yall next week!

Elder Anderson

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