Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mexico City - Week #7

hey all,

thanks for the emails this past week. they were great as usual. this week was a great week with the highlight being General Conference of course! i absolutely loved it. i have learned so much from it and i was able to realize how crucial it really is to watch it every 6 months. watching it in english was another great blessing for me. to be honest, i didnt want it to end.. i miss english!

not very much exciting happened this week other than Conference.. a missionary named Elder M. from my district went home this past week after completing his 2 years. he was like my favorite in the district because he was super nice caring and just genuine. he went home to the pueblo in mexico which is like only a 2 hour car ride from our misión. i think i have a picture with him i will send.

one of the members taught me how to make leche y arroz (rice and milk) also this past week and it was amazing. ive had it twice now since ive been here and its better than ice cream for me. you know thats saying a lot since i used to eat ice cream by the gallons at home lol. all it is, is rice, milk, wáter, half and half (i think thats what it is), a lot of vanilla, and a ton of sugar. oh my gosh its so good and i cant wait to make it for you all when i get back.

we had cambios as well here but i didnt cus im training which means i am staying with my comp 6 more weeks till mid november or so. im happy to be with him though because he really has taught me a lot of spanish and just how to go about the missionary life in general. you definitely need some one to help when it comes to adjusting to the missionary life and i guess thats why they call the trainers ´dads´ and the new missionaries ´sons´ lol

thats about it for the week folks, tune in next week to hear more about the fun im having!
luv yall

Elder Anderson

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