Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mexico City - Week #6

hey all!
well i don't know what to write haha. I'm super excited for general conference though! we get to watch every session in english both saturday and sunday! woot woot!
so with A., she is still struggling. as of now we aren't going to go over to her house for a while until she gets some stuff figured out. she's just having a really hard time so continue to pray for her please. with j., we baptised him saturday. my compa did the baptism saturday and guess what? not a single member from the church showed up. we invited a lot, even the bishop and his family and nobody came. luckily, j. is a really cool laid back kid and it didn't bother him much from what i could see. so it was only us 6 missionaries from the ward and j. at the church on saturday. it was pretty sad but at least he's baptised and confirmed now. and he already has the aaronic priesthood! we contacted another menos activo this last week also. we've been trying to find her for a couple weeks and we finally did. she has two daughters who are 13 and 12 and aren't baptised yet. hopefully we will be able to get in there and start teaching their family. 
so there are jehovas witnesses here of course too and they have their churches too. but at the entrance to the church by the gates. they always have people there. (i guess i should also tell you that all the LDS churches and really just buildings in general have big iron fences around the perimeter) well i always thought it was kind of weird that the tg's (jehovas witnesses) had people at their front gate until i realised why.. our gate was open as usual for sacrament on sunday. well, during church, a drunk old man came wandering into the halls. luckily, us missionaries were there to greet him. he wanted money of course. we then told him nicely that we had no money which was true (all missionaries go poor the last week of the month because they run out of money) and he wandered back out of the church and back onto the street. then it dawned on me why the tg's have people at their gates haha. i think our church should start implementing that.. seriously.
well, i need to get going to district meeting. thank you all for the thoughts prayers and emails. I LOVE YOUUUU
Elder Anderson
p.s. i did the exact same thing kylee did with her shrimp and shells on sunday at a members house. except i did it with the pork fat they served us and i hid it all under the onion sprouts. its so weird to read my sisters emails because i feel like i am experiencing the exact same things she is even though we are in completely different places. awesome.

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