Monday, September 22, 2014

Mexico City - Week #5

hey all,

this week was pretty cool. oh and before i start thanks for all the emails everyone! i had so many this week! so started off the week with mexican Independence day. it was crazy all night and i got no sleep haha. the Fireworks ended around 12ish and then the marrachi bands started right outside our appartment like clockwork. terrible. the next day we were invited to a family in our wards house and they are really great people but the food was absolutely disgusting. it was called pasolli and its basically tomatoey soup type stuff with chicken. the chicken was what was disgusting! i already have started to hate the chicken here anyway cus the butcher shops along the sides of the streets have them and every single chicken ive seen here is yellow. not White, but stright yellow like a taxi cab. but anyway, it was so bad because it was leftovers from the pasolli the night before. this meant that all the decent pieces of meat were gone, so what did they do? took the bones, fat ,and anything else left over and put it into the soup. i about threw up.. BUT i have had a very good game plan with these types of meals thus far.. Por ejemplo, i ate about half of the pasolli that day and couldnt take any more spoonfulls without gagging so there was some pica (super hot pepper seasoning) on the table and i dumped more and more of it into my bowl when nobody was looking. then i made a (holy crap! im a griengo who is stupid and put too much pica in my soup-face) and they were all like oh no! he put too much into the soup so they refused to let me eat anymore of it (normally you have to eat every last drop) and when they offered me more, i insisted i was completely full. just remember kylee, there is always a way to work the system towards your favor..

good news! i got my first baptism on saturday! it was D. it felt amazing and it makes everything worth it totally.. as for A., his wife, she had a lot of problems and didnt want to get baptized at all that day.. her sister is living with here and said that she would move out if A. got baptized. but our DL (district leader) talked with her for like an hour after D.'s baptism that day and she has a new goal for tomorrow to be baptized. please pray for her. she needs it. J. missed church again on sunday but we are continuing to teach him. hes a really good investigator but hes just a normal college student who has a hard time waking up for church on sunday mornings lol.

i actually have a very cool experience with J.. well not really with him but yeh let me explain.. so after the baptism it was about 8 or so when we left the church and we had an appointment with J. we got to his house and nobody was home. he had told us via voicemail earlier that day that 8 or 830 would be fine for us to come so we waited in front of his door for about another 45 minutes because we really needed to talk to him and make sure he knew how important it was for him to attend church the next day (sunday). well after waiting for a long time and trying to call him, we couldnt get ahold of him whatsoever so we were about to go home when i got a weird impression to go the opposite way. i didnt know why and when i told my comp. we should and he asked why, i jokingly said, so we can see a member, say hi, and then go back to our house for the night. he was like, ok lets go. so we got to the end of the Street with J.'s house on it and it was a T junction so you could only go left or right. my comp. then said, looks like you were wrong Elder.. then, i said again, jokingly, have more faith dude. he was like fine lets go right, so we went right, walked 15 steps down the Street, and low and behold, a member passed by in his car and with his window rolled down, yelled, Hey Elders! we were in complete shock that it actually happened and my comp. called me prophet the rest of the way home haha. we also told me about the feelings he had been feeling earlier in the day when A. said no to baptism.. he said he was angry with God and just wanted a sign from him to still make sure He cared.. well my comp. got the sign! it wasnt anything too incredibly crazy but it was perfect and just what we both needed considering that ive been studying about faith lately and trying to put it to use. Our Heavenly Father knows everything about our lives. EVERYTHING.

other than that, nothing happened much more other than normal missionary routine. im super blessed to be here and love it!

Love you all and will talk to ya next week!

Elder Rojo (the members call me that now, lol)

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